AS A local dairy farmer, the recent news that the UK government has pledged to procure more local food is welcoming news indeed.

David Cameron has recently announced that from 2017 all of central government would commit to buying fresh, locally sourced, seasonal food and that all food that could be bought locally would be bought locally.

With beef prices in the doldrums and milk prices heading south at great speed, this move could be worth £400m to the British food industry.

With this in mind I just hope that the leaders of our local public sector bodies also follow suit.

Money spent locally stays locally enabling our small businesses to thrive keeping our local economy healthy.

The general public must also play their part so please buy local produce as often as you can.

It would also be helpful if the major retailers in our county also commit to buying more locally produced food.

I find it shameful that a number of them do not even stock cheese that is produced by local dairy farmers and made in Haverfordwest.