THE county council election results seem to indicate IPPG members of the “old guard”

will be outnumbered by the total of councillors in the other groups.

Always assuming the IPPGs will not be able to “persuade”

others to change allegiances there could be a new ruling group in County Hall soon – but time will tell!

A new leading group, it is hoped, will be chosen across all sections of the chamber but to ensure this, councillors will need to set aside party and group loyalties and work together in the best interests of the people of Pembrokeshire.

The new leader, ideally, should be someone who for years has not been afraid to question the ruling group and has not benefited from their largesse.

Cabinet members and committee leaders should be those with proven ability, expertise and experience – again, chosen from all members of the council.

So it would seem that it is time for compromise and bonhomie. It is a time to heal wounds and not reopen them.

It is a time to be magnanimous in victory and humble in defeat.

It was Nelson Mandela who wrote: “I sought always to defeat my opponents without dishonouring them”.


Milford Haven