THE refusal by Pembrokeshire County Council to cancel a parking ticket for a community nurse raises the question as to what legitimate reason will they accept before they rescind a parking charge?

Surely it is time that medical staff working in the community were given free parking passes on all car parks within the county council’s jurisdiction.

I would like to remind whoever made this miserable decision to enforce the parking laws in the case of the community nurse, that he or she has the privilege of free parking, as do all employees and councillors attending County Hall, Haverfordwest on a daily basis.

I would appeal to Mr Ian Westley, chief executive officer, to personally intervene and ensure the cancellation of this unwarranted parking fine on a most valued community nurse.

I appreciate that the local authority budgets are tight but cancelling this ticket and making the aforementioned free parking for medical staff using council car parks in the course of their ministrations will surely not ‘break the bank’!


Dinas Cross