WHEN I heard that a Premier Inn was proposed for St Davids, I thought April the 1 had come early.

I cannot think of a more inappropriate development.

This really takes tourism down-market.

They say up to 20 full-time jobs with be created – really?

What about the winter?

One of my objections is the creeping influence of big business.

When visiting Narberth, it is an interesting experience, lots of traditional butcher, baker, candlestick-maker type shops, lots worth going for. Why should this be?

Usually, there is an almost total lack of multiples.

I don’t know how they have kept them at bay, but they have!

Compare Narberth’s good fortune with Haverfordwest, which has been comprehensively trashed by big business.

St Davids has not remained untouched by corporate influence, several businesses are owned by multiples.

The effect is that it will soon look like anywhere else.

I think a Premier Inn will increase the naff quotient.


St Davids