Dear Editor The media recently reported that the government is considering plans to provide schoolchildren with fish oil supplements in a bid to boost brain-power and improve behaviour. This comes amidst fears that youngsters do not get enough omega-3. No one denies that omega-3 essential fatty acid plays an important role in brain function and overall health. However, it is the omega-3 that is important and not the source. It is now common knowledge that fish soak up dangerous toxins from polluted oceans that can cause cancer and birth defects in consumers. A popular fish oil supplement was withdrawn at the start of 2006 due to the discovery that it contained high levels of dioxins. Do we really want to be feeding our growing, developing children something thi s risky? Simply improving children1s nutritional intake through a varied, balanced diet - including plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, pulses, seeds and nuts - has proven in studies to calm their behaviour and improve their general brain function. For those children who still require a supplement, there is a Vegetarian and Vegan Society approved omega-3 supplement from a sustainable source. Contact Animal Aid for a guide to a healthy plant-based diet: 01732 364546

Yours faithfully Kelly Slade Campaigns Officer Tel: 01732 364546 ext. 227 Fax: 01732 366533 E-mail: Web: Animal Aid The Old Chapel Bradford Street Tonbridge Kent