The letters about the forthcoming local elections certainly stir up opinions, volatile material these political issues. My only addition would be to stress the importance of using your privelege and right to vote.Then if you have voted it qualifies you to moan afterwards.Those to idle to bother should keep quiet but often as not they are usually the first and loudest to whinge after the event.Women especially should seriously consider using their vote as it was cruelly denied to them for far too long and female forebears died in the pursuit of getting the vote.Good Luck to all those putting their names in the hat to obtain being elected.

Politics reminds me of the old joke which sees an elderly man taking a short-cut through a graveyard and sees a headstone which states: ''Here lies Joe Public ,a politician and an honest man''.''Goodness '',mused the elderly man ''I wonder how they fitted both of them in one grave.''That is a joke yet not exercising your right to vote is no laughing matter , it is your chance to express yourself and elect or reject the candidate of your vote or remain silent..great things these democracy and freedom of choice issues..don't risk losing them.

Tim McMahon, Spain.