When the electors of Pembrokeshire go to vote in the council elections in May they should remember the independent Estyn report published in August last year on the performance of Pembrokeshire County Council.

Although the inquiry began by investigating the shameful way in which the county council dealt with complaints of abuse of young children it soon uncovered shortcomings in other functions of the council.

It revealed that the way in which the council is run “prevents elected members from exercising their key role in holding the executive and officers of the council to account.” It concluded “The shortcomings within the authority’s arrangements to safeguard and protect children are longstanding and systemic, this is indicative of the deep-seated nature of these problems and failings within the authority.”

The so-called Independent Political Group has controlled the council for many years and it is their ineptitude which has led to this shocking situation.

I believe that the first question you should ask anyone who approaches you as a candidate for the council is “Are you a member of the IPG or will you join them as soon as the election is over?” If the answer to this question is yes and if you want to see Pembrokeshire run by an open and transparent county council you should not vote for them.

John Rhys Davies Mynachlog ddu