Dear sirs Further to Dr Lewis's letter, of the 18th April, I fully concur with his opinion of Pembrokeshire C C. They appear to take little notice of the needs of the residents in their pursuit of money making schemes.

When it was proposed to introduce car park charges to Newport I undertook a survey of the local business to seek their opinion of the proposals and what they thought the likely impact on the town would be.

To a man, and woman, they all agreed that such a move was likely to have a detrimental impact on their businesses and could lead to closures and subsequent loss of employment.

Copies of this report were sent to PCC and our elected member but other than acknowledging its receipt the findings were ignored and the charges implemented.

Since then four businesses have closed, one is due to close and two are up for sale. Resulting in the loss of of about 20 jobs, not including those who can no longer afford to work in the town or who have been laid off because of falling business.

A similar situation is occurring in Fishguard where shops and pubs are closing down and the area is beginning to represent a ghost town.

Pembrokeshire is a partly agriculture based community with a large number of the residents living away from any retail facilities. It is therefore essential that they have unhindered access to the shops and surgeries in towns like Newport, and the businesses in these towns cannot afford anything which deters people from visiting, or eventually they will all die.

John Evans C.Eng. MICE Newport