Dear Editor, Mr Michael Sharratt, of Badger Watch and Rescue, wrote a scathing letter this week, about the Pembrokeshire farmers and their hired "badger shooter".

Firstly may those of us who have farming connections, and are faced with the serious problems of TB in cattle, ask Mr Sharratt what his group propose as a remedy for the cross infection from badgers to cattle, which is a well proven scientific fact.

I am not supporting the culling by skilled marksman, but just request positive suggestion for those who object to any cull.

As we are unable to use any means of control on the ever increasing badger population in Pembrokeshire, and throughout Britain, I would like Mr Sharratt and the experts from Badger Watch to visit St Davids City Golf Club and see how the greatly increased badger population has torn up whole areas of this beautiful golf course, ruining tees, fairways and even some of the greens.

In addition their widespread soiling is uniquely foul and is not, as often claimed, buried by them at all.

This situation has only now become serious and must be the direct result of excessive population growth.

I would welcome suggestions from anyone, for a legal means of control.

I write privately, as a frustrated member, and recent host to a number of very disappointed guests.

Sincerely Peter Bellan, Upper Treleddyn, St Davids