I read with utter horror that a solar power company has applied for permission to develop a 13 mega watt solar park on 27 hectares (67 acres) of land at West Farm, Cosheston.

This gargantuan instalation is highly visible and intrusive from where I live and to anyone who is facing north towards Cosheston, and along the A477 from Pembroke Dock and elsewhere. I was born, brought up, and still live at Winter Hall, from where I can see all the fields involved in this hideous proposed instalation. All our neighbours around would also see this abomination.

To the south of us we put up with all the pylons that run electricity from the new power station when it is up and running. This is acceptable, as it brings with it employment and stability for local people, likewise as with the oil refinery Valero.

Apart from a few months of instalation of this solar park by a German company called Kronos Solar, what employment will it bring to this area? None! Kronos state that it is 'practically invisible. Wrong – it is highly visible from many aspects faceing north towards Cosheston.

Kronos state that it is 'not stealing any great farmland'. Wrong – early Pembrokeshire potatoes had been grown there for many years, and now supports wonderful grazing for cattle and sheep. This is not low grade agricultural land, it is grade A green field site leaning towards a southerly aspect. These solar sites should be on a more level area to prevent visual intrusion in an area of outstanding natural beauty. These solar parks should be put on brown field sites, not green field sites because the panels cover up animal and plant habitats which become destroyed.

The glare of these panels would be horrific if allowed to go ahead, and in some instances could affect aircraft. Kronos said they would bring benefit to the community under a section 106 agreement. This may come in the form of an instalation of solar panels on the roof of Cosheston Village Hall, as they did for Lenham Community Centre in 2010!

All we ask is for common sense to prevail, and not let this monstrosity appear on this land of outstanding natural beauty.

Nigel Hall Upper Nash Pembroke.