Now that The World Health Organisation has classified diesel fumes as a cause of cancer perhaps it is time for Pembrokeshire County Council to expedite the introduction of a western by-pass for Pembroke town.

Every day, more especially during summer months, there are queues of stationary traffic from the top of Ferry Lane through the town and along the Commons, all pumping out carcinogenic fumes. Because the traffic isn't moving the fumes aren't dispersing so the occupants of the vehicles are forced to breathe this noxious mixture while pedestrians are forced to inhale it too. This pall of fumes, which the W.H.O says is as bad as secondhand smoke, hanging over Pembroke can't be doing a lot of good for the global warming cause either while the economics of hundreds of vehicles just standing still with their engines running doesn't bear thinking about. Some drivers with breathing difficulties take the Nash Fingerpost route with it's dodgy right hand turn at the junction but that's not feasible for large volumes of traffic. In the past P.C.C have proven to be very efficient at winkling out European millions for various schemes, so it's for them to winkle out a few more for a by-pass.

Mr J A Davies Monkton Pembroke