I recently had cause to call a ‘local’ taxi firm in an attempt to hire their wheelchair accessible vehicle to transport an elderly member of my family to, and from, Pembroke on two separate days.

The total 2 round trips would have been no more than 20 miles. The price quoted to me was £80!

When I said that that was extortionate, the chap made all sorts of excuses. I then asked him if it was so expensive because the person in need of the vehicle is disabled, and he waffled, and more or less admitted to this being the case.

What a rip-off! To have adapted vehicles, then charge hugely inflated fares, seems cruel, callous, and totally exploitative of a section of society that has very little, or no, choice.

It is not the first time that I have needed adapted transport for my family member, and each time I have been left angry and frustrated by the lack of facilities, lack of interest, and a total inability to get any helpful information. Indeed, on one occasion, I approached 12 taxi firms-4 of whom had wheelchair accessible cars-and all of which were off the road. A totally unsatisfactory state of affairs!

I have since been in contact with Country Cars-a voluntary organisation with adapted transport-and I have booked them for both journeys. At what cost? £12!

I know who I will be advertising!

Tina Lustig Stackpole