RECENT letters ‘Sting in the tail’ (Western Telegraph, June 13th) and ‘Read the policy’ (Western Telegraph, June 20th) have addressed the Welsh Government’s marine conservation zones consultation.

I called for a debate in the Senedd on the proposals for marine conservation zones and their highly protected status. It is not only the fishermen and women who are concerned about this consultation; many conservationists have also come out with their concerns.

It seems increasingly likely that the Labour Welsh Government has misjudged its consultation on this issue. It would have been beneficial for a debate to question Environment Minister John Griffiths and understand a little better why he has proposed the consultation in the way he has.

In particular, why has he proposed 10 zones when he only wants to see three or four, and how are we actually going to make a decision about the right level of marine conservation and the right balance between protecting our fishermen and enabling the survival of the marine environment?

Simon Thomas Mid and West AM Plaid Cymru