As carbon monoxide awareness week begins today (Monday) Mid and West Fire Service is urging people to be alert to the dangers of the deadly gas.

The warning is timely, as it comes just after a Pembroke couple’s escape from a carbon monoxide leak in their home.

The couple had lit a coal fire early one evening and their property became smoke logged, due to a suspected blockage in the chimney.

They ventilated the property by opening windows and then went out for a few hours. After returning to the house the male occupant went upstairs and collapsed; his girlfriend went to assist him and also started to feel drowsy. At this point they managed to get themselves out of the property and call the emergency services.

Fire crews from Pembroke Dock fire station used breathing apparatus and a positive pressure fan to ventilate the property. They also monitored the levels of carbon monoxide with specialist gas detection meters, which confirmed the presence of the deadly gas.

Fire services county community safety manager Sion Slaymaker said: “The occupants of this premises are very lucky to have escaped unscathed. This incident serves as a timely reminder of the need to be vigilant to the dangers of carbon monoxide.

“Carbon monoxide awareness week runs from the 19th to the 25th of November this year and we would urge the public to consider having a free home fire safety check by qualified fire officers from your community.”

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