Pembrokeshire People First (PPF), the charity run by and for people with learning disabilities, has been asked by the British Institute of Human Rights to become "human rights champions" - representing the whole of South and West Wales.

They are joining with other groups across the UK today (Monday) to put on “The Big Bunting Action” to celebrate Human Rights Day between 1-2pm in the foyer at County Hall.

Human Rights Day, held on December 10th each year, celebrates the birth of modern human rights as set down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948. PPF is also one of the 72 civil society groups who, following a defeated motion to repeal the Human Rights Act, have called on Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, to secure and advance the Human Rights Act.

“Following a recent bill of rights consultation, members from PPF were the only group of adults with learning disabilities across the UK, to respond stating how extremely important it was to them to retain the Human Rights Act,” said Karen Chandler from PPF.

“They truly feel that the Human Rights Act empowered and protected them”

Stephen Bowen, Director of the British Institute of Human Rights, said: “The Human Rights Act protects us all from the risk of abuse, neglect and injustice. We should be proud to live in a country where human rights are properly protected by the law, by our Human Rights Act. We need to make sure these protections are not put at risk by a lack of leadership.”

Today’s event will be a chance to see the bunting that has been made across the UK this year as part of the British Institute for Human Rights tour of the UK and find out more about the work that Pembrokeshire People First do in the county.