The potential impact of a huge Sainsbury's superstore development on residents living near to the proposed site has been discussed.

Sixteen residents from Oakwood Grove, Sycamore Grove and the Bridleway, Haverfordwest, met with local councillors Tom Tudor and Lyndon Frayling last week, to discuss concerns.

Developers Conygar are applying for the southern part of land at Slade Lane to be allocated as retail space, with the housing allocation confined to the north of the site.

Although they questioned the need for another supermarket in the area, residents said they are not opposed to Sainsbury’s coming to Haverfordwest.

But they said their concern is that current plans show the development would be less than 30metres from their homes, and believe its proximity would have a negative impact on their lives.

Issues such as noise and light pollution, fumes from cars and fuel tankers, and increased traffic congestion were raised. Many are also worried about the proposed elevation of the site and the potential of it overlooking their properties. Water run-off was also discussed.

Mr and Mrs Griffiths, of Sycamore Grove, said: "At the consultation with Sainsbury's last year we were led to believe the site would be lowered, but the plans seem to say something completely different."

The group agreed to write to the county council detailing their concerns, and will start a petition objecting to the store’s current planned location.

Speaking on behalf of the group, Cllr Tudor said: "If the development is to go ahead, it must be more sympathetically located so as to minimise disruption to local residents' lives. Moving the store to the north of the site would cause everyone less problems."

All comments on the plans must be received by the county council planning department by February 5th.