Last month it was a mystery beast washed up on a beach; this month the Pembrokeshire big cat is clawing its way back into the limelight with possible sightings in the Tiers Cross and Milford Haven area.

Local resident Andy Chandler is hoping that motion sensor cameras will capture definitive evidence of the big cat after both he and his mother spotted it near the village.

Andy is part of paranormal investigators Pembrokeshire Beyond and is used to patiently searching for glimpses of ghosts and the supernatural, which can be treated with scepticism by some.

But the big cat is definitely out there, says Andy.

His search began after his mum spotted something while driving near Murco refinery.

This prompted Andy to set up motion sensor cameras and it was while visiting these that he saw something too.

“I was walking back to the car and heard branches snapping to my left. Something very fast disappeared up a 25-foot embankment.

“I can’t explain what I saw, it was about three foot tall and so fast, it moved up the embankment in two steps. I think it’s a lynx.”

He said they also found remains of recently eaten animals.

If you’ve spotted the big cat contact Andy at info@