A plan to bring the 'hustle and bustle' back to Wales' largest fishing port could see Milford Fish Docks get a rebrand.

The Port of Milford Haven has unveiled more details of its plans to strengthen the fishing industry at Milford Fish Docks and create a high quality brand for its fish and other seafood. Part of the port’s £60million Milford Dock master plan, a major redevelopment is set to transform the entire area around Milford Fish Docks, bringing with it further growth and job opportunities.

New resources include high standard storage, processing, retail and tourism facilities in order to retain the catch landed in Milford Haven so that seafood caught in Pembrokeshire can be promoted as a brand. The investment plans follow a recent announcement by Assembly minister for natural resources and food Alun Davies, who confirmed his commitment to develop a marine and fisheries strategic action plan for Wales.

He said: “Work is underway to produce a comprehensive Marine and Fisheries Strategic Action Plan for Wales that will help create a more sustainable and profitable fishing industry in Wales.

“The success of our proposed plan relies on our ability to work in partnership with the Welsh fishing industry.

“As Wales’ largest fishing port, Milford Haven has a very important role to play in helping to maximise the economic value of our seas in a sustainable way.”

A Milford Fish Docks website was also launched at the Pembrokeshire Fish Week opening event, providing details about current services and facilities, access information and potential investment opportunities. Port of Milford Haven short sea director Kevin Hobbs, who is managing the development, said he hoped the former hustle and bustle of the fish docks would return to Milford.

He said: “Greater tonnages of fish can be handled here given the excellent quality and diverse species available in our fishing waters.

“Crucially though, we are creating wholesale and retail outlets, plus facilities to allow processors to add value to what is landed on the quayside for selling on across the UK.

“This will encourage growth and create jobs in the area as well as increasing the availability of locally sourced seafood for the consumer. “

For more information visit www.milfordfishdocks.com