PEMBROKESHIRE Tourism has received a great set of results from this year’s end of season survey.

Each year the county’s leading trade association supporting the local tourism businesses circulates a questionnaire to its members, in order to analyse the overall performance.

Results show 75% of Pembrokeshire Tourism members were happy with their business performance during 2013 with regards to the amount of bookings and visitors throughout the peak season.

The general consensus is that the good weather was key aspect of this.

The survey also confirmed that 88% of members have had an increase or similar amount of visitors this year in comparison to 2012, with the majority of visitors being UK residents from outside of Wales.

Maudie Hughes, chief executive of Pembrokeshire Tourism has welcomed the results.

She said: “This year’s results have been very encouraging for the up and coming year. The increase in visitors and general positive feedback from our members is great to see. 2014 is looking promising for the local tourism industry, and with new developments and visitor packages being introduced by a number of our members it is set to be an innovative and exciting year for Pembrokeshire as a holiday destination.”

Pembrokeshire Tourism has high hopes for the local economy in 2014 with 81% of members confident for next year.

A number of new developments and businesses will also be launched including new activities, renovations, and flexible booking systems.