A DRUNKEN vandalism spree in Milford Haven has cost a young musician over £700.

Oscar Joe Sheppard, 20, of Lampeter Velfrey near Narberth, pleaded guilty to eight charges of criminal damage when he appeared before Haverfordwest Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

The court heard that after playing a gig in Milford’s Basement Club, Sheppard used cans of spray paint to daub graffiti on ten properties, leaving a number of ‘very angry’ residents to clean up the mess.

Jackie Lis, prosecuting, said the graffiti had contained unpleasant language and references to Sheppard’s band. She told the court a canny police officer went on-line and found designs that were ‘very similar’ in style to the graffiti on Sheppard’s Facebook page.

Robin Reed, defending, said Sheppard had consumed a ‘large amount’ of alcohol that evening, and accepted causing part, but not all, of the damage.

“He was very drunk and doesn’t want to point the finger when he can’t be precise about who did what,” said Mr Reed.” As I understand it, police are still looking for [the other] people involved.”

Mr Reed said the incident was ‘very much out of character’ for Sheppard, who now planned to move to London to try to break in to the music industry.

Magistrates sentenced Sheppard to a 12 month conditional discharge. They then ordered him to pay £60 compensation to the owners of each property, plus costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £20.