A PEMBROKE family hoping to help a 74-year-old neighbour return home after she lost everything in a fire is appealing for help.

Theresa Dunn has been in hospital since a fire, believed to have been caused by an electrical fault, tore through her home on Norgans Terrace, Pembroke, on December 30.

Having not renewed her insurance, Theresa lost everything in the fire and cannot return home until repairs have been completed.

And the Kitts family, who live opposite at Merchants Park, are determined to help.

Ferry Port worker Peter Kitts, 53, rescued Theresa from the fire, after another neighbour raised the alarm.

“I went into the house and I could hear Theresa but I couldn’t get into the living room because of the heat and smoke,” said Peter.

“I went back out to catch my breath and I could see her by her bed, so I took her in my arms and carried her out. Two seconds later the window exploded.

“People say it’s brave, but you just do what any other human being would’ve done.

“I can’t say what I was thinking because I wasn’t. I could just hear her, I had to get her out.”

The Kitts family and their friends have got the manpower, but they are in desperate need of a skip, cleaning and building materials, and some paint.

Peter’s wife, Christina, said: “We just need any help whatsoever, even if it’s with a mop.

“It’s surprising how many people have got a spare tin of pain in their shed, even if it just covers one wall.

“If we were rich and affluent people we could just go in there and do the job.

“I’m lucky, I’ve got my family around me and hopefully they will be round if I ever need help.

“This is a vulnerable woman who doesn’t have anyone and we just want her to be able to go home.”

The Kitts family would like to hear from anybody who can help. Contact Peter Kitts on 07977 514135 or email peteranthony2008@live.co.uk.