THE voice of a woman who was stabbed to death at her Tenby home could be heard in the background of a 999 call played to a jury at Swansea Crown Court this afternoon (Wednesday).

Steven Daniel Williams, 30, of Newell Hill, Marsh Road, Tenby, is accused of stabbing Joanna Hall 40 times at her Cresswell Street flat. She died of her injuries 19 days later.

Williams claimed Ms Hall was attacked when he went to the shop to buy whiskey.

Ms Hall could be heard asking for help in the background during the 999 call Williams made more thanhalf an hour following his return.

The call operator asked Williams if the attacker was still there, to which he said: “If he was in the house then I would be arrested then wouldn’t I,” before laughing.

When cross questioned by Elwen Evans QC, prosecuting, Williams said he would probably have hit the attacker if he had seen him, which is why he would have been arrested.

He also claimed the laughing was due to “shock” and his memory was a “blur” after finding Joanna covered in blood.

Williams told the emergency services Joanna had been stabbed “a couple of hours ago”, but told the court he had meant to say “an hour ago”.

During the call he also said she had been stabbed about 20 times despite not being able to see the wounds. Williams told the jury the number had “just come to mind” as he could see “blood pouring out of her jumper”.

Ms Evans read from two psychiatric reports during which Williams, who consumed three small bottles of whiskey on the day in question, had lied about his drinking habits. He also admitted to denying he suffered from black outs because he thought the doctor would think he “did it”.

Williams denies murder and the trial continues.