Another area of low pressure is expected to bring further wet and windy weather across Wales tomorrow (Friday) but this is not expected to be a repeat of yesterday’s storm.

But rainfall will be sufficiently heavy at times to bring localised flooding on the roads, particularly across southern areas of Wales.

The latest flood guidance statement indicates a low likelihood of significant disruption due to surface water flooding and a medium likelihood of minor impacts with respect to river flooding.

Strong south-easterly then southerly winds on Friday are expected to gust to between 40 and 45 mph in many areas and may well gust to around 60 to 65 mph in some areas along western parts of the Bristol Channel coast.

Some minor impacts may occur, particularly where there is pre-existing damage, but these speeds are significantly less than those experienced yesterday.

Another windy day is in store on Saturday with showers or longer periods of rain, bringing further localised flooding on the roads.

The strong west to north-westerly winds are expected to gust to around 55 mph on exposed coasts in the north and west of Wales. Such speeds are not unusual but again some impacts could occur due to already weakened trees/structures.