PEMBROKE Castle, Tenby, St Govan's Chapel: They are some of the most recognisable sights in Pembrokeshire, but now they can be seen with a unique bird's eye view.

SkyCamWales is a county company is taking to the skies to capture the beauty of Pembrokeshire from above, using state-of-the-art drone aircraft, known as UAS, or Unmanned Aerial System.

And the results are nothing short of spectacular and have already proved hugely popular.

An article on the Western Mail's Wales Online website earlier this month generated more than 470,000 views, helping to promote Pembrokeshire far and wide.

Such has been the reaction that there is likely to be new job opportunities at the company shortly.

Ian Richards of Pembrokeshire Photography invested in the cutting edge technology to provide a unique Unmanned Aerial System (UAS or drone) photography and videography service.

‘SkyCam Wales’ says it offers a low altitude, high quality image solution in places that planes, helicopters and photographers cannot reach.

The lowest a plane is permitted to fly is 1000 feet whereas a UAS is limited to a maximum height of 400 feet and can operate anywhere from ground level to this height.

Ian, a former Royal Navy photographer and BBC cameraman works with Jonathan Carter, pilot in charge, of RotaRama, to operate Octo and quad copters under strict regulations from the Civil Aviation Authority.

In order to operate commercially they have undertaken written and practical exams. It is illegal to operate UAS in the UK without a licence. Ian and Jonathan work in partnership with Radiant Media to produce fully edited video for promotional and PR purposes and also for news broadcast.

The system can be used in emergency situations using a live down link to a ground station which relays what the camera is seeing – this allows the Officer in Charge to monitor the situation before sending in personnel while businesses such as estate agents, tourism operators and golf courses have been impressed by the potential for promotion.

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