A STRAY dog has found his forever home after going on an incredible journey from the pound to the coastal path.

Patch is a young springer spaniel cross Labrador whose time was up in the pound.

His fate, like many in his situation, was to be put to sleep. That was until Mikey Lawlor from Greenacres Animal Rescue picked him up and took him back to the rescue centre in Talbenny, which has a ‘no kill’ policy.

Mikey and his team found Patch a foster home with Mair Lewis and her partner Ben in St Twynnells, near Pembroke. Realising he had landed on his four paws, Patch soon staked a claim to their settee.

Mair said: “Patch was so nervous when he first arrived and wouldn’t leave my side, but he’s getting more confident every day. He is one of the sweetest, most loyal dogs you could ever meet.”

Days later Patch joined Mair and her friends in walking the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path to raise money for the charity he owned his life to, Greenacres.

Mair said: “The walk was very challenging and little Patch was walking three or four times as much as us from running around so much.

“Patch was great company. He shared my packed lunch with me every day, and settled on my feet when we stopped for a break.

“He liked to run ahead and then look back and smile at us. He made us laugh a lot, there’s no better therapy than a happy dog. I can’t quite believe he went from the pound to the path in such a short space of time.”

Mair and Ben have fallen for Patch so much that they have decided to make him a permanent member of their family.

So far more than £300 has been raised for Greenacres, with more still to come.

Mair said: “The best part is that some of those donations have been set up as a monthly debit, which is even better.”

She added Pembroke Power Station, which she works for, has also kindly agreed to match fund her and Patch’s fundraising efforts pound for pound.

To see Patch’s adventures and to donate to Greenacres, search for Patch’s Pembrokeshire Coast Path fundraiser on Facebook.