A MUSICIAN from Milford Haven has found fame after BBC Radio presenter Gaby Roslin heard him busking on the streets of London.

Twenty-nine-year-old Sam Hardy says he is ‘living the dream’ after being picked to appear on the presenter's radio show after she saw him perform.

In a tweet to the guitarist, Gaby said: “Just heard you busking and was blown away by you.”

“You really are a star,” she added.

“I couldn’t believe it, it felt like a dream,” said Sam, who played three songs live on the show on March 16.

Since then, he has released his debut album Reflection, recorded two music videos, and played ‘possibly the best gig’ of his life at home in Pembrokeshire on March 29, alongside local guitarist Jonski.

Sam moved to London in January, determined to make a go of his music career.

“Having no money or job I knew I had to make money quick so I went busking again in the freezing cold, wearing four layers – which still didn’t help – and began making great contacts,” said Sam.

Despite not having played guitar for seven years, Sam’s unique Spanish flamenco style finger-picking was soon dragging in the crowds, and he was offered gigs at pubs across London.

And he is keen to keep improving as a musician, practising for between three and eight hours a day.

“It’s a full time job!” he said.

For more information about Sam, and to watch his new videos, visit www.samhardymusic.com.