Armed police had to draw their guns when a man with a collection of Samurai swords went berserk in the centre of Pembroke, a judge heard today (Tuesday).

Michael Paul Davies, 37, threatened a man and a woman with one of the swords and then threatened to kill any police officers who entered his home.

Davies, of Main Street, Pembroke, admitted affray and possessing three wraps of amphetamine.

Kevin Jones, prosecuting, said a man and his partner had been walking through the town shortly after midnight on April 4 when the woman decided she wanted to visit her mother, who lived inside a gated complex at Main Street.

Davies had a bungalow inside the complex and let them in.

At first, said Mr Jones, he was friendly but suddenly changed and returned to the mother’s flat holding a large Samurai sword.

“His face was red with anger,” added Mr Jones.

Police sent an armed response unit to the scene and officers drew their side arms after spotting Davies behind a glass door in his bungalow. He was holding a sword in one hand and the scabbard in the other.

Mr Jones said police could hear Davies threatening to kill them for about ten minutes.

They entered the bungalow two hours later and found Davies asleep on a sofa with three swords on the coffee table next to him.

Mr Jones said Davies had 119 previous convictions.

Francis Jones, Davies’ barrister, said his “strange behaviour” had been fuelled by drink.

“He accepts that he completely lost control,” he added.

Judge Huw Davies said Davies had a long standing drink problem and “it is not a good for him to have swords hanging on the wall to brighten up his home.”

Judge Davies said at first he had been helpful to the man and woman but had then changed for reasons that one could only speculate about.

Davies was jailed for 10 months, suspended for two years. He was also ordered to attend courses on alcohol abuse and thinking skills.

Judge Davies also ordered to destruction of the three swords.