LADIES of all shapes and sizes are being invited to bare all in the name of charity.

So far more than 50 brave souls from across Pembrokeshire have signed up to take part in a naked calendar, which will raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Organisers Jen, Jo, Jodi and Cassie said: “So many people want to help raise money for this worthwhile cause, but not all of us can go running or jump out of a plane, that’s why we thought of the naked calendar.

“We didn't expect such a great response. We thought we’d be lucky if we could find around12 willing participants. But what we have is actually close to breaking the record for the most naked ladies being photographed for a charity event. The current total is believed to be 99.”

The location of the shoot is to remain under wraps due to the nature of the pictures but a private location has been booked in Pembrokeshire solely for the event on Monday, June 23/ Photographs are going to be taken by Starlight Photography.

A sample shoot took place last week involving curvy Cassie Edwards. She said: “When I first signed up I was terrified at the thought of showing my larger sized body and getting amongst other naked ladies, let alone having my picture taken and used in a public calendar.

“I couldn't sleep for two nights, but during the shoot I couldn't believe how relaxed and comfortable Jen the photographer made me feel, and after seeing the pictures taken I preferred myself naked rather than clothed!"

Anybody wishing to follow in Cassie’s brave footsteps should contact

People wanting to keep their clothes on can also help. Volunteers are needed to get the ladies to and from the shoot, provide food and drink, and help make them look their best on the day. Local businesses are also being sought to sponsor the calendar.

For more information visit