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LIVE results from the Wales count of the European Parliamentary Election

Last updated:

    Western Telegraph reporters are at Fishguard Leisure Centre for the count of the 2014 European Parliamentary Elections. Keep it here for live updates.


chizy 8:58pm Sun 25 May 14
Oh crickey, Crabb is there. Double time on Sunday and expenses ;)
Score: 4
pembrokedock123 9:40pm Sun 25 May 14
excellent service from Western Telegraph. If the count had to be held in Pembrokeshire then PCC should have ensured proper wifi connections for the journalists - now the nation will know how behind the times Pembrokeshire is
Score: 11
seaveiw 3:29pm Mon 26 May 14
chizy wrote: Oh crickey, Crabb is there. Double time on Sunday and expenses ;)
He deserves to be there not the returning officer looking as usual smug faced, some one could have done the job
Score: 1
Bilbo101 4:34am Wed 28 May 14
Poor old Bryn having to work on a Sunday. I am sure you will all agree that he deserves every penny of his £12,000 big fat fee for being the returning officer ;-) Even if overall he put in 20 hours in organising this election, which I doubt very much, he would still be earning £600 per hr. Maybe he or one of his ever-so-loyal supporters like Jamie Adams could come on here and tell us exactly what he does to warrant such a colossal amount for such a small effort ? For the life of me I just cannot see where his time is spent on this, especially when he has the use of the dedicated election division staff to delegate the work to and other staff to take care of printing and marketing etc, so what does he actually do other than a bit of organising and hanging around on the day and read out the result ? Being chief executive of Pembrokeshire County Council must be the best job in Welsh local government. After all, Bryn is paid the most despite running a council 3 times smaller than Cardiff, gets paid more than the first minister and indeed the prime minister and has a whole range of other perks and benefits including and additional £20,500 car allowance per year plus all these fees for being the returning officer at every election. and if that was not enough he opts for an illegal tax avoidance scheme for his pension payments. Now if that isn't creaming it then I don't know what is. No wonder he can't get that smirk off his face! It is money for jam, tax payers money. I only wish we were getting value for our money, but it has been clear, especially over the last 18 months that our Council is not being run well, yet we are unable to replace him for the simple reason that the ruling independent group continue to put their own interests before the people of Pembrokeshire's. This is not democracy in action, this is the tax payer being screwed over.
Score: 1
Welshman23 2:16pm Fri 30 May 14
Wait until UKIP infiltrates the Kremlin they are on the March look out Farmer Adams and his band of merry men.
Score: 0

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