A 19 year-old shoplifter has been jailed for stealing a T shirt, a pair of shorts and an inner tube for a bicycle wheel.

Joshua Jones-Rogers was in breach of a suspended prison sentence and a judge at Swansea crown court activated nine months of it on Friday.

The court heard how an assistant at Haverfordwest’s Peakcocks store noticed him acting suspiciously and after he left saw that a T shirt and shorts were missing.

A police officer was alerted and he tried to stop Jones-Rogers as he peddled his bicycle in High Street, but he rode away.

Jones-Rogers was recognised and police arrested him at his home in Fountain Row, Haverfordwest.

By then the stolen goods had disappeared but police found them in a bag hidden under a parked car.

The bag also contained an inner tube Jones-Rogers had stolen from the Poundland store.

Jones-Rogers admitted two offences of theft.

Kate Williams, representing Jones-Rogers, said he was the subject of a 12 month prison sentence suspended for 18 months for head butting his victim.

She described him as a particularly immature man who had run out of chances.

Judge Chris Vosper activated nine months of the suspended sentence and jailed Jones-Rogers for four weeks for the shoplifting, the sentences to run concurrently.