As the weekend’s sunshine attracted the crowds to Pembrokeshire’s beaches, Newgale’s RNLI lifeguards were especially busy, launching their inshore rescue boat three times and rescuing four people.

The first rescue took place on Saturday morning when the charity’s lifeguards spotted two bodyboarders caught in a rip current. One bodyboarder managed to get out of the rip and make his way back to shore but the other needed to be assisted out of the water. RNLI lifeguards launched the inshore rescue boat, pulled the lady out of the water and brought her safely back to shore.

Later that day the lifeguards launched the inshore rescue boat to assist a kitesurfer who was caught in cross offshore winds and drifting out to sea. Lifeguards deflated the kitesurfer’s equipment and bought him safely back to the beach.

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) two kayakers, a mother and her son, had capsized off Newgale and were unable to get back into their crafts. RNLI lifeguards once again launched the inshore rescue boat, assisted the couple out of the water into the boat and took the two, along with their equipment, back to shore.

Stuart Penford, RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor said: “If you’re planning to go out on the water this summer it would be a good idea to check with the lifeguards before heading out – they will be able to advise on the conditions and what risks to look out for that day. “Also remember that some beaches have changed since last summer as a result of the winter storms. Please check local information before heading to the coast or ask for advice when you arrive on the beach.'

RNLI lifeguards currently provide a daily safety cover on Pembrokeshire’s Whitesands Bay and Tenby South beach between 10am-6pm. The lifeguards will return to another eight of the county’s beaches this Saturday (21 June) to provide safety advice and assistance for the summer season.