On the 2nd of December 2012 my beautiful son was born. But his birth was not straight forward.

After being induced and suffering a bleed he was born with the cord round his neck not breathing.

Before he was born I had a consultant, a midwife and scbu staff waiting to take him. The image of him floppy, grey and silent will stay with me forever.

Luckily after a 5 day stay in SCBU we were allowed home.

The staff were incredible, they made me feel reassured and showed me how to do everything with my son. And I will be forever grateful.

From the time it went wrong I would not have had time to get to Carmarthen. And that thought terrifies me.

This is an essential service. And the thought that it won't be in Pembrokeshire makes me feel sick. Come on Mark Drakeford and the WAG... think about what you are doing!

Based on information supplied by Nancy Folland.