PEMBROKESHIRE parents who take their children off school to go on holiday could soon face fines of up to £120.

The controversial fines are due to come into force at the end of the current academic year.

Parents could have to pay £60 if they take a holiday during term time which is not authorised by their child’s school. The fine will increase to £120 if not paid within four weeks.

Pembrokeshire County Council said the penalty notice, if issued, will be for the offence of failing to secure the child’s regular attendance at school, rather than a fine per day of school missed.

The council said it is introducing the fines in accordance with Welsh Government guidance.

“In Pembrokeshire, we have taken the recommendation from the Welsh Government to maintain a consistent approach as with current recommendations to schools regarding not authorising holidays in term time,” said a spokesman.

“Penalty notices are being introduced across Wales in September 2014 as the Welsh Government has directed all local authorities to have a local code of conduct in place by the end of the academic year 2013-14.”

The council added that parents of under-fives would not be fined but that parents or carers with children of compulsory school age would be eligible for the fines.