A LIFEBOAT crew and lifeguards rescued a young woman in her twenties who was stranded on the rocks near Little Haven head on Monday afternoon (June 24).

She and her boyfriend were enjoying the coast when they were cut off by the tide near Little Haven head. The man, also in his twenties, climbed up the rocks to safety before calling for help.

Little and Board Haven RNLI were alerted by the coastguard and volunteers launched the inshore lifeboat at 2.24pm.

Lifeguards providing safety cover on Broad Haven beach received reports on their radio of a young woman stranded on the rocks. Lifeguard Luke Evans paddled over to her to see if he could help.

Due to the young girl’s location the water was very shallow and it was difficult for the lifeboat crew to get close enough to transfer her into the lifeboat.

The young girl was asthmatic and had started to panic. Luke paddled over on his rescue board with a first aid kit and tried to keep her calm until she was moved off the rocks by RNLI volunteers.

Once she was transferred to the lifeboat the young girl was taken back to Little Haven where the Coastguard team were waiting.

RNLI Lifeguard supervisor Stuart Penfold said: “RNLI lifeboat crews and lifeguards take part in regular training exercises throughout the summer so that they can work together and act quickly when responding to an incident.

“When walking along the coast please check the tide times before your trip. If you find yourselves in trouble remember to call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”