A Pembrokeshire coastal town is swooping down on seagulls.

Tenby has launched a trial of seagull-proof rubbish bags with the aiming of deterring birds and animals from attacking kerbside waste.

The two-month trial is a joint initiative between Pembrokeshire County Council and Tenby Town Council.

“Rubbish strewn on streets is not a pleasant sight, nor is it hygienic,” said Councillor Huw George, cabinet member for environmental services.

“It also adds to the problems of our waste collection and street cleaning services.

“So when, following an initial suggestion by the Civic Society, Tenby Town Council proposed we trial special reusable seagull-proof bags, we were happy to take part and fund it.

“The bags have already been used successfully in many towns in the West Country.”

The Mayor of Tenby, Councillor Sue Lane, said Tenby Town Council was delighted to work together with the county council to ensure that Tenby remained a place of beauty – for both residents and its many visitors.

She added: “We have always encouraged people to cover their kerbside waste in a bid to reduce attacks from gulls and other vermin. These bags provide a more robust and durable solution, particularly for those premises who may find it impossible to store a conventional refuse bin.”

The trial is being carried out on selected streets in Tenby which are deemed most at risk from swooping gulls. Residents have been written to about the scheme and offered gull proof bags free of charge for the duration of the pilot.

If the trial proves successful then the re-usable bags, which are re-useable, will be made available for sale to residents who want them on a permanent basis.

Anyone wanting a gull proof bag can collect them from Tenby Town Council’s offices at the De Valence Pavilion, Upper Frog Street.