A “dangerous” young Hakin woman has been jailed for eight years today (Friday) for stabbing a man five times.

Kelly Picton, 23, attacked Michael Griffiths “for no apparent reason” and could not even remember doing it, a judge at Swansea crown court heard.

Picton stabbed Mr Griffiths, aged 29, so viciously surgeons had to remove 24 inches of his small bowel because the area was so lacerated.

Picton, of Frances Apartments, admitted inflicting grievous bodily harm with intent.

Judge Christopher Vosper said less than a year before Picton had hit a man in his face with a whisky glass, and she had previous convictions for arson, assault and battery.

He deemed her to be “a serious danger to the public” as defined by law. He jailed her for six years, but extended the licence period by a further two years.

It was impossible to say when she would no longer pose a threat but she would serve a minimum of four years behind bars before being considered for parole, he added.

Brian Simpson, prosecuting, said Picton and Mr Griffiths had been friends. Early on April 21 they had been drinking whisky at Picton’s flat and as Mr Griffiths went to light her cigarette she suddenly pulled out a knife and began stabbing him in his stomach, arms and buttocks.

Picton, said Mr Simpson, did not say a word during the attack and nothing had happened to provoke her.

Immediately afterwards Picton appeared to try and administer the kiss of life, even though Mr Griffiths was fully conscious.

Then she lit a cigarette, had another drink and went to sleep.

Mr Griffiths staggered to the home of his grandmother, who thought at first he was dying.

Paul Hobson, the barrister representing Picton, said she was a troubled lady who abused alcohol and led a chaotic lifestyle.

Judge Vosper said all Picton’s offending had involved the consumption of alcohol.

It was very worrying, he added, that she could carry out such a serious attack and then have no memory of it.

Judge Vosper also issued a restraining order banning Picton from contacting Mr Griffiths, without limit of time.