Two Pembrokeshire lifeboats were launched yesterday (Sunday) to the aid of craft taking on water and lost in fog.

Just after 3am Angle’s all weather lifeboat (ALB) was called out to the sailing vessel Rose of Argyl which had lost its way in the fog. The boat, with six people onboard had become becalmed and was unsure of her position.

Angle’s volunteer crew towed the vessel to Dale Roads bay.

Later yesterday morning, just before 11am St. Davids ALB went to the aid of fishing vessel Mari Ann.

The ten metre boat from Johnston, with two crew onboard, was taking in water due to an engine problem.

The vessel had suffered a cracked impellor which caused ingress of water, which the vessel’s pumps were only just keeping at bay.

The Mari Ann was towed to Fishguard harbour moorings to effect repairs.