Two Haverfordwest men who punched, kicked, elbowed, head butted, bit and stamped on their victim have been jailed for three years today.

Oliver Lovell, 22, of Gerald Road, and Scott Howard, aged 26, of Market Street, admitted wounding Scott Hill with intent.

Brian Simpson, prosecuting, said violence broke out in the area of the men’s toilets in the Three Crowns pub “for no reason.”

Both men began attacking Mr Hill both inside and outside the toilets, and part of the assault was caught on CCTV cameras.

The footage showed Howard stamping on Mr Hill as he lay unconscious on the ground.

David Lloyd, representing Lovell, said he was prone to periodic outbursts of violence. He accepted that Lovell had bit Mr Hill but told the court that a few weeks ago he had seen Mr Hill by chance and had apologised to him.

Kate Williams, for Howard, said he had viewed the CCTV footage and was disgusted and shocked at what he was capable of doing.

Judge Paul Thomas said Mr Hill had been subjected to a prolonged and vicious attack.

“This kind of behaviour simply cannot be tolerated in a civilised society,” he added.

“There were people, particularly a woman, who bravely tried to drag you off a defenceless man. But you ignored their pleas to lay off him.

“You showed him no mercy.”

Judge Thomas said he accepted Lovell and Howard could be admirable young men when not in drink or on drugs.

But their behaviour on this occasion had been “animalistic.”