FANCY getting your portrait painted and making a brief appearance on television?

Then head down to Goat Street Gallery in St Davids between 11.30am and 5.30pm today, where BBC’s The One Show is holding a challenge to paint as many people from the city as possible.

The challenge has been inspired by local artist Grahame Hurd-Wood, who is in the middle of an ambitious project to paint portraits of every person living in St Davids.

So far he has painted somewhere between 300-400 of the 1,700 residents. He expects his project to take up to 10 years to complete.

One Show presenter Andy Kershaw took time out to meet Grahame.

Andy said: “Grahame is great. He’s a dotty, eccentric English artist operating here in Wales.

“The ambition of his mission here is slightly crazy, but also very generously spirited.

“Even though I have only been here 24 hours, you can see Grahame's project has had a powerful effect on pulling the community together. Everybody seems to be terribly excited by it and everybody has got to know each other better.”

Andy added: “There’s a little One Show challenge taking place today and taking inspiration from Grahame’s lunatic project, we’ve pulled together a number of other local artists to come down to the Goat Street Gallery to paint the people of St Davids and see how many we can get done in one day.

“We hope The Western Telegraph will help us drum up some support and get people down here.”

A feature on Grahame and the challenge will be aired on The One Show later this year. A date has yet to be confirmed.