Two Milford Haven men who carried out an unprovoked attack that left their victim scarred for life have been jailed.

Ralph Cullen, aged 41, and Robert Daines, 39, had admitted unlawfully wounding Andrew John Churchill on August 4, 2012.

Nicola Powell, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court on Wednesday how Mr Churchill had been in, or had previously been in, a relationship with Carly Stephens, Cullen's ex-partner.

On August 8 there had been an incident which led to Miss Stephens being arrested. An issue arose about who would look after her children and Mr Churchill tried to get into the house and help.

Miss Powell said Cullen and Daines were already there and as Mr Churchill approached the front door Cullen hit him in the face.

Daines joined in and the next thing Mr Churchill could remember was waking up on the driveway with Daines on top of him raining down blows.

Police dealing with the earlier incident arrived on the scene and arrested Cullen, who told them to "f*** off."

Officers arrested him and spotted Daines nearby with blood on his top.

"He was laughing and appeared to think it was funny. He was also arrested but continued to laugh at the police," said Miss Powell.

During interviews Cullen maintained there had been a scuffle, during which Mr Churchill had fallen over. Daines declined to explain.

The court heard that Mr Churchill needed specialist treatment at Swansea's Morriston Hospital for fractures to his face. He spent three nights in hospital and now "constantly watched his back."

He was also left with scars and felt that his face had changed.

The Judge, Mr Recorder Charles Fox, said Cullen and Daines had carried out a "two on one cowardly attack that caused pretty horrific injuries."

And after the attack, neither of them seemed to have cared too much about what they had done to Mr Churchill.

Cullen, of Charles Street, and Daines, of Croft Avenue, was jailed for 12 months.

Mr Recorder Fox said the offending was too serious to suspend the jail terms.