There is just one month to go to polling day in the 2015 General Election and campaigning is hotting up.

This week the Western Telegraph gave each election candidate 250 words to explain why you should support them on May 7.

Below, in no particular order, are the responses from the candidates sitting in the PRESELI PEMBROKESHIRE constituency.

To see what the Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire candidates have to say, click here.


Nick Tregoning


Liberal Democrats

Western Telegraph:

In 2010 the Liberal Democrats went into coalition as a business arrangement with the Conservatives to give the UK the stability it needed after Labour crashed the economy. Despite being by far the smaller party, we delivered our manifesto promise of tax cuts for the less well off -£825.00 less in income tax than under Labour- made sure that pensions and earnings are linked once again, and made sure that our schools get extra money every year to help close the achievement gap for the most disadvantaged pupils.

Contrast this with Labour’s plans which give taxpayers a measly £37 more a year but saddle them with over £2,300 of debt and a £130 bill in debt interest payments alone, compared to Liberal Democrat economic plans. That is why independent economists the IFS say Labour tax plans have “no economic justification” and are a “remarkable failure to learn from history”. Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have failed to make clear how they will pay for their tax plans.

On health, the Liberal Democrats are the only party to have committed to delivering £8bn extra real terms funding by 2020 as advocated by Simon Stevens the Chief Executive of NHS England. This extra funding would directly benefit the Welsh budget by up to £450m. The Welsh Liberal Democrats have stated that this money would help fund Kirsty Williams’ ‘More Nurses’ bill and improved mental health services here in Wales. To date, Labour and the Conservatives have given no such commitment.


Paul Miller


Western Telegraph:

I think Pembrokeshire's a fantastic place. I was born in Withybush, raised in Neyland and went to Sir Thomas Picton School. After studying Economics at university, I was determined to return and make Pembrokeshire my home.

It was a battle to return. As everyone knows the jobs and opportunities are just not currently here. Determination brought me back - I commute long-distance and work in town centre regeneration and development.

Pembrokeshire's a great place to live and work but in recent years it’s been falling behind. I’m not prepared to sit back and accept that decline is inevitable. I’m determined to do something about it.

And that’s what politics means to me.

My brothers and I have played cricket for our home town club of Neyland since we were 10. Over the years I watched the council abandon our facilities, our changing rooms fell into disrepair and it seemed to me I had two choices – accept that or get stuck in and make a difference.

I’ve been getting stuck in ever since.

I’ve had thousands of conversations with people that have helped me develop my Plan for Pembrokeshire.

I want the opportunity to roll my sleeves up and address the issues facing our county. Labour’s the only party fundamentally committed to a fair society in which everyone is given the same chance in life.

That’s what I believe in. Support me on May 7 and together we can get Pembrokeshire back on the right path. See my plan at:


Howard Lillyman


Western Telegraph:

It’s time for change in British politics.

For too long we’ve had the same old policies from Labour and the Conservative Lib Dem coalition.

Each blaming the other but none tackling the root issues or owning up to mistakes. This is the most important election in a long time with you having a vote for a UKIP candidate. In UKIP we believe we have the right policies to help improve all aspects of your life.

It’s time to get our country back. We’ll fight for an IN/OUT referendum to leave the EU. To take us out of a failed Political and economic system that is pushing for more power over us. This will save us £8-£10 billion a year.

It’s time we took control of our borders to stop uncontrolled immigration, not ALL immigration. We need an Australian points style system that ensures we accept talented skilled and professional workers who will make a positive contribution to the economy. UKIP understands we need qualified doctors and nurses from abroad to help run our NHS they will be welcomed and rewarded.

We will put another £3billion into the NHS in the first year and stop health tourism which is costing us £2billion a year. We will keep the NHS free at the point of need and train more health proffesionals.

We’ll raise the income tax threshhold to £13,500; this will take all those on minimum wage out of paying tax.

We’ll cut the international aid buget saving us £9billion a year by not proping up governments who have space and nuclear weapon programmes.

It’s time for change it’s time to vote UKIP.


Stephen Crabb


Western Telegraph:

Pembrokeshire is the best place in Britain to live and grow up. Over the last ten years I’ve had the privilege of serving my local community in Parliament. My promise from the start has always been to put Pembrokeshire first and to do my very best for local people.

The future of Withybush Hospital is the biggest issue facing Pembrokeshire. Like so many other local people, I have received excellent care at Withybush over the years and I want that for future generations too.

I have supported the Save Withybush campaign since it was founded 10 years ago when the Welsh Labour Government in Cardiff first began downgrading Withybush. I campaigned strongly against the closure of the Special Care Baby Unit. The way that decision was forced through by Labour Ministers in Cardiff was unforgiveable. But the fight must continue.

With the economy improving now right across the country it is vital that we secure more of that growth here in Pembrokeshire. I have a strong track record of fighting for local jobs, economic development and small businesses.

I want to see local young people get the best possible opportunities, including through strong Sixth Form provision and more quality apprenticeships. I worked closely with Haverfordwest Skatepark Association to see the new skatepark come to Haverfordwest.

We face some challenges but I believe we have a strong future ahead. My reason for being in politics is to do whatever I can to keep Pembrokeshire a great place for families and businesses.


Chris Overton

Independent Save Withybush Save Lives Party

Western Telegraph:

Hi, my name is Chris Overton. I want to be your MP.

Let me make it clear I am a doctor, not a politician. Politics is not a career path I would ever have normally chosen. Politics has been forced upon me by the worsening state of Withybush Hospital, the place I have worked for the last 16 years, and by the recurring failures of professional politicians.

A Doctor for 33 years, an MP for you!

I am very concerned about the future of Withybush. I have fought for the last decade to maintain the sustainability of our hospital. I have offered management alternative solutions, petitioned politicians, travelled to Cardiff on numerous occasions. Thousands of you have supported SWAT.

The politicians at this election are not usually interested in Pembrokeshire’s health but, with the election date looming, suddenly they are alarmed. Once the election is done and dusted they will revert to type and vote the way they are told. Vote against your interests as required.

Imagine what a vote for me on May 7 will bring. It will bring more than red faces in Cardiff and Westminster. It will bring a tsunami of publicity and with it public concern and debate about our health care provision, our problems onto the desk of the new Prime Minister.

It will bring Pembrokeshire and Withybush and you in from the political cold. With your support, your vote, your family’s vote, your neighbour’s vote, your village’s vote, I can keep your hospital open!


Frances Bryant

Green Party

Western Telegraph:

Here in Pembrokeshire the average family is £1200 per annum worse off under the Tory/LibDem government. West Wales continues to be one of the poorest regions in Northern Europe.

Over all this hangs the increasing threat posed to our environment from climate change and fracking.

I believe strongly in the Green Party's commitment to healing our damaged society and environment. We propose to raise the minimum wage to £10 per hour by 2020 and abolish zero hours contracts. We will have an extensive programme of building social housing and we will abolish the bedroom tax.

I am angry that our hospital at Withybush and schools in Pembrokeshire have felt the impact of ideologically imposed cuts from Westminster. We will ensure that education and health are properly funded and kept within local communities.

We will scrap expensive projects such as HS2 and bring railways back into public ownership.

We will not renew Trident which is projected to cost £100 billion over its 30 year lifespan.

Crucially we will ensure that renewable energy is promoted. Wales has resources that could generate twice as much power as is needed. We could create long term jobs and raise revenue by selling our surplus energy.

We would also increase taxation on the richest 1% of society and ensure that massive corporations pay their fair share of tax.

I stand for a fairer society, animal welfare, and the protection of our beautiful environment. On May 7th vote for the common good, vote Green.


John Osmond

Plaid Cymru

Western Telegraph:

Every household would’ve been £4,000 better off without the austerity programme of the Conservative–led government, said Simon Wren-Lewis, Professor of Economics at Oxford University, last week.

He was one of 22 leading economists who insisted in a survey by the Centre for Macroeconomics that the spending cuts are damaging the economy and slowing recovery.

Only Plaid Cymru, SNP in Scotland and Greens in England are standing against the spending cuts that will be forced on Wales by both the Conservatives and Labour if they win a majority.

If we hold the balance of power after the election – as looks increasingly likely - any support we give will depend on a reversal of the cuts that are hitting the worst off.

In Pembrokeshire the cuts mean continued downgrading of Withybush hospital, where consultant-led maternity care and 24-hour paediatrician cover have already been removed.

I am campaigning to:

• Keep 24 hour A&E cover at Withybush and restore consultant-led maternity services.

• Get the same powers and funding as Scotland: delivering an additional £1.2bn for Wales each year.

• Implement zero business rates for 70,000 small firms.

• Increase the minimum to a living wage and abolish zero hour contracts.

• Provide affordable first homes as part of all new housing developments.

• Meet parental demand for a new Welsh-medium secondary school in Haverfordwest including a sixth form.

• Establish Renewable Energy Agency for Wales.

• Ensure Wales stays in the EU – leaving would damage Pembrokeshire’s farmers and the wider economy.