WOOHOO! Seven new penguin chicks at Folly Farm are taking their names from characters in The Simpsons in tribute to their keepers' favourite show.

Barney Gumble, Monty Burns and Milhouse are amongst the new waddle of seven cute baby Humboldt penguins welcomed to the attraction’s state-of-the-art Penguin Coast enclosure, bringing the colony up to 35.

Some of the penguins are first-time parents, including Jelly Tot and Bon Bon - two of Folly Farm’s original penguins who met by the pool on Valentine’s Day a few years ago - who are now raising baby Barney Gumble

Said penguin keeper Caroline Davies: “They are doing really well so far. They are taking it in turns to feed Barney - he’s got a pot belly like his Simpsons’ character, which is a sign of a healthy chick.”

Smithers, Duffman and Chief Wiggum are the names chosen for the other chicks, with the seventh due to be christened Flanders or Kent Brockman following a public poll on Facebook and Twitter.

The new penguin chicks will spend up to 12 weeks with their parents before being taken to penguin nursery to learn solo swimming and fish-eating skills before living independently in Penguin Coast.