A UNIQUE local housing project says it has found a site in Fishguard which could potentially house Pembrokeshire's first cohousing community.

Cohousing Hafan Las says the site of Fishguard's old infants' school has "great potential"; all amenities, such as schools, shops, theatre, cafes, as well as the sea and the coastal footpath, are within easy walking distance of the site and there are good transport links.

The site is about 1.7 acres, this will be just enough land for the community, which will be made up self-contained, private homes clustered around a common house.

The common house is the hub of the community where members can share meals, skills and activities.

Like all cohousing communities, Hafan Las will be created and run by its residents and there will be properties both to rent and buy.

"An important aspect of our project is to make the housing affordable, and environmentally as well as socially sustainable," said Hafan Las' Eleanor Clegg.

"The buildings will be insulated to the highest standards and the best use will be made of natural lighting and renewable energy. It will be a truly green project with communal and private gardens for us to relax in and enjoy."

In cohousing communities older people can down-size to smaller units and offer mutual support to one another in a self-sustaining, supportive community. Younger people benefit too, by having access to more affordable housing, as well as the close support of all age groups in the community.

"Cohousing can meet both the need for affordable housing and the challenges of an aging population," said Hafan Las' Jan Waite.

"By building a multigenerational community of mutual support we are demonstrating a positive approach to people of all ages living together, embracing new possibilities and having an active involvement in the creation and management of the project.

"In cohousing there is a strong emphasis on being part of the wider community and acting as a resource to the community's neighbours. We want to be a showcase for groups to visit and learn from our experience."

Eleanor added that the project needed "a group of people willing to commit themselves to working together to carry this forward".

Anyone interested in finding out more about Cohousing Hafan Las, can attend a site viewing at 6pm on April 27 at the old infants school on Brodog Lane.

There will then be a meeting at the Transition Cafe at 7pm where there will be food available to purchase, short films and a discussion about cohousing. For more information visit www.cohousinghafanlas.org.uk.