PEMBROKE Ladies Probus Club recently held its annual president’s dinner at the Cleddau Bridge.

The evening was deemed to be a huge success with the excellent food and attentive staff highly praised by the diners.

The beautiful table decorations were provided by Gwen Smith and raffled at the end.

President Chris Vater chose the Seren Irish dancers and a local singer Emilija Kaijaks to entertain the members and their guests. The high kicks and whirling spins of the dancers enthralled the audience, many expressing that they felt tired just watching them. Their energy, commitment and obvious enthusiasm could not be faulted.

Emilija followed on with a varied selection of popular songs which showcased her lovely voice and lively personality. Her accompanist joined her during several songs and their voices complemented each other really well and this was appreciated by their audience.

President Chris thanked the members and their guests attending for their support, and the entertainers for helping to make the evening so special.

Rita Evans who acted as Master of Ceremonies, Valery Randall who said grace, and Dennis Evans who gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the guests, were commended for the roles they undertook. Jennifer Gorman was also thanked for her invaluable help. President Chris must be congratulated for arranging such an enjoyable evening.