Newsquest CEO Henry Faure Walker visited west Wales last week to meet the staff at the Western Telegraph, the Milford Mercury and the Tivyside Advertiser.

Mr Faure Walker was accompanied on the trip to Haverfordwest by company finance director Paul Hunter, regional finance director Bob Smith and regional managing director Hussain Bayoomi.

The Western Telegraph was recently crowned Welsh weekly newspaper of the year recently, and Mr Faure Walker took the opportunity to congratulate staff on the achievement.

“We were delighted to welcome Henry to west Wales to give him a better understanding of the Newsquest operation here,” said head of advertising, Mike Owen.

“Despite the extremely challenging conditions across the industry, here in west Wales we have enjoyed year-on-year revenue growth across our digital and print platforms.

“We are always looking for ways to improve our operation and we were pleased to hear some of Henry’s thoughts on how we might take the business forward during what is an extremely exciting time for the industry.”

Western Telegraph editor Steve Adams added: “It was a great opportunity to sit down with the head of Newsquest and hear his plans for the company.

“In west Wales, we now have a larger combined print and digital readership than ever before, and our online presence, both in terms of our websites and on social media platforms, continues to grow week by week.

“It is vital that during this time of transformation for the industry, in terms of how we deliver content and news to readers and how we interact and engage with our audience, we continue to explore new ideas and identify every opportunity new media presents us.”