REDUCING the amount of muck on the streets continues as town and community councils join the fight against irresponsible dog owners.

Haverfordwest county councillor Tom Tudor has had a notice of motion relating to the reduction of dog faeces in public areas in the council system for some time, with its last hearing at a Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee in February.

Cllr Tudor called for a “hard-hitting campaign” aimed at reducing the amount of dog fouling on our streets and in public areas.

“The campaign will include a series of provocative posters and leaflets, new dog waste bins and free poop scoop bags coupled with a stringent enforcement campaign for owners who do not clean up after their dog has fouled in public spaces,” states Cllr Tudor’s motion.

At the committee it was decided the notice of motion be not be adopted but a social media campaign be launched to highlight responsible dog ownership and fouling issues.

It was also agreed to continue working with the RSPCA and Dogs Trust to improve responsible dog ownership, that a letter be sent to Lesley Griffiths, Welsh Government Minister for Environment and Rural Affairs requesting her support for the introduction of an annual dog registration fee.

A review would also be provided to Cabinet in six months time.

Cllr Tudor noted that he was happy with the decision at Monday’s Cabinet meeting when the notice of motion was discussed again.

Head of public protection Mark Elliott said that engagement with town and community councils continued with some areas already launching campaigns and initiatives  to reduces the problem in their areas.

He also added that a meeting with the Minister was being requested and the introduction of dog registration was now on the agenda for consideration in initial stages by the Welsh Local Government Association.

Cllr Phil Baker highlighted how well the community had done in decreasing the fouling problem in Saundersfoot.

"The dog watch scheme in Saundersfoot is working really well. I hope it can be extended to other areas."