A POPULAR beauty spot which was damaged by vandals last month will be the focus of community repairs.

A bug hotel at Broad Haven’s Slashpond boardwalk which was destroyed in a bonfire in August will be rebuilt by the Support the Boardwalk community group on Saturday, October 7.

Two bug hotels were destroyed in the fire in mid-August but a group of junior boardwalk rangers rushed to the Slashpond’s picnic area shortly after the fire, and one hotel was soon rebuild with the help of an influx of volunteers.

Rebuilding the other will be the focus of Support the Boardwalk’s next monthly outdoor event, and the community group also plan to hold a litter pick and manage the summer growth of plants in the area.

The group will also be revealing their plans for a birdscreen pontoon extending over the pond, which will allow visitors to remain hidden as they watch birds.

The event to rebuild the bug hotel will begin from 2pm on October 7 at the Slashpond. For more information visit the Support the Boardwalk Facebook page.