CELIA Boothman, from Narberth, is relishing competing in the forthcoming Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on Saturday, October 14.

Celia told Telegraph Sport: “I qualified for Kona 2017 at Ironman Wales last year, in great conditions, after winning my age group category.”

She impressively won the female 40-44 category held in Tenby last year in an impressive time of 11 hours, 16 minutes, 46 seconds.

“It had been my goal to qualify since racing in 2014 and coming fourth in my age group.

“The last two years have been about getting faster and prepared for racing in Kona to the best of my ability,” she added.

Celia is married with two children and praised her supportive husband, often dropping her off anywhere in Pembrokeshire before she will run or cycle home, or get her up early to get a session in when she confessed she would rather be sleeping.

“I remember watching The World Championships in Kona many years ago on TV. I think I only saw it once but it made an impression on me. I was amazed at the times that the pro's could run a marathon after spending hours on a bike.”

Celia was a cross country runner at the time, so she was particularly interested in the running aspect. After having her first child she wanted to get fit and entered a local triathlon.

“I never thought I’d do an Ironman but when I saw it come through Narberth I saw a woman pull in at the feed station and was inspired to do it.”

She’ll be heading out to the 'the big island' to participate in a race that is steeped in history.

“I’ll be thinking of everyone back home, especially when the going gets tough.”

Celia’s legacy is she would like to think she has inspired others along her journey.