ST DAVIDS Bug Farm is one of four Welsh food companies announced last week to have been awarded Welsh Government funding to help tackle childhood obesity.

The farm's new company Bug Farm Foods Ltd has been awarded a share of £250,000 research and development funding by Welsh Government and Innovate UK to develop new and innovative products and assess their feasibility.

Companies were invited to submit solutions which focus on reducing levels of salt, sugar and saturated fat as well as increasing the levels of vitamins, minerals and fibre provided in food and drink for children.

Bug Farm Foods' healthy insect-based food for children project will carry out innovative research and development within the emerging industry of insects as food. The idea is to help to improve the nutritional composition of food for children whilst driving down cost.

During the feasibility study the team will investigate the potential of products aimed at children which are made with insect powder.

"We are thrilled that Welsh Government see insect protein as a healthy and environmentally sustainable food of the future and are supporting our development in this innovative sphere," said Bug Farm founder, Dr Sarah Beynon.

"While the current product development is top secret, we can say that we are extremely excited about launching a range of sustainable and delicious products over the next 12 months. For up to date information, please visit"

The funding was provided through the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI), a national programme that enables public sector bodies to connect with businesses that have the potential to provide innovative solutions to public sector challenges.

"I congratulate the four Welsh companies who have showcased their innovation to win this funding," said Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths.

"Tackling childhood obesity in Wales is a priority for the Welsh Government and by improving the diets of our children today, we enable them to become the healthy adults of tomorrow."