PLANS for a 15m tall radio mast at Dinas Cross have been approved by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park authority.

Members of the park’s development management committee met on Wednesday, October 8 and approved plans for the 15m tall mast with attached satellite dishes and surrounding groundworks, north of Greenlea, Dinas Cross.

Committee member Ted Sangster said the need for mobile phone technology had to be balanced against preserving the national park.

“Living in Pembrokeshire does come with some problems sometimes. One of the major problems is the lack of coverage for broadband and mobile.

“A balance has to be taken between looking to that need and the environment as well,” he said, adding he fully supported plans for the mast.

Planning officer Andrew Richards said: “If mobile coverage is going to improve there is going to need to be more mobile masts in Wales.”

He added the applicant had looked at alternative sites to put the mast, but found that the preferred one gave the best to boost mobile signal in the area.

The new mast will provide 2G coverage for voice and text services, as well as 4G broadband services for the Dinas Cross area.

Building will begin subject to several conditions including that the mast should be built within five years, and that drainage should be put in place.